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21580015::Unicorns (F3) (Felisoni) AT Blue Crush (F1) (Wilson) Cook MS / COO-Aux Gym 5/21/2018Mon6:15 PM7:05 PM
21640027::Strikers (R2) (Fidel) AT Pink Panther (R4) (Sjolander) Cook MS / COO-Perf Gym 5/21/2018Mon6:15 PM7:05 PM
21590029::Hurricanes (S3) (Spjut) AT Maroon Crush (S4) (Alvarez) Cook MS / COO-Aux Gym 5/21/2018Mon7:10 PM8:00 PM
21630044::Bomb Squad (J3) (Beard) AT Blue Jays (J6) (Shores) Cook MS / COO-Perf Gym 5/21/2018Mon7:10 PM8:00 PM
21590032::Sparkle and Spike (S2) (Schulze) AT Hit Squad (S7) (Brown) Cook MS / COO-Aux Gym 5/21/2018Mon8:05 PM8:55 PM
21640025::Wildcats (R8) (Valero) AT Storm (R6) (Ortiz) Cook MS / COO-Perf Gym 5/21/2018Mon8:05 PM8:55 PM
21590023::Sophomore (S9) (Fortenberry) AT Hit Squad (S7) (Brown) Arnold MS / ARN-Aux Gym 5/22/2018Tue6:15 PM7:05 PM
21640026::Shockwaves (R5) (Pedroso) AT Steelers (R3) (Averitt) Arnold MS / ARN-Perf Gym 5/22/2018Tue6:15 PM7:05 PM
21590034::Thunder (S1) (Pape) AT Queens of the Court (S5) (Willis) Arnold MS / ARN-Aux Gym 5/22/2018Tue7:10 PM8:00 PM
21640028::Renegades (R1) (Bondoc) AT Thunder Strikers (R7) (Logan) Arnold MS / ARN-Perf Gym 5/22/2018Tue7:10 PM8:00 PM
21590044::Maroon Crush (S4) (Alvarez) AT Sparkle and Spike (S2) (Schulze) Arnold MS / ARN-Aux Gym 5/22/2018Tue8:05 PM8:55 PM
21640029::Wildcats (R8) (Valero) AT Thunder Strikers (R7) (Logan) Arnold MS / ARN-Perf Gym 5/22/2018Tue8:05 PM8:55 PM
21630013::Strikers (J4) (Wallace) AT Blue Jays (J6) (Shores) Kahla MS / KAH-Perf Gym 5/23/2018Wed6:15 PM7:05 PM
21630014::Hurricanes (J7) (Heefner) AT Lady Rangers (J8) (Saldivar) Kahla MS / KAH-Perf Gym 5/23/2018Wed7:10 PM8:00 PM
21590024::Stars (S6) (Harvey) AT Sparkle and Spike (S2) (Schulze) Kahla MS / KAH-Aux Gym 5/23/2018Wed7:15 PM8:05 PM
21580016::Unicorns (F3) (Felisoni) AT Texas Tornadoes (F2) (Dale) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 1 5/24/2018Thu6:00 PM6:50 PM
21590046::Stars (S6) (Harvey) AT Maroon Crush (S4) (Alvarez) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 3 5/24/2018Thu6:00 PM6:50 PM
21630048::Blue Jays (J6) (Shores) AT Net Ninjas (J1) (Walding) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 5 5/24/2018Thu6:00 PM6:50 PM
21640041::Renegades (R1) (Bondoc) AT Wildcats (R8) (Valero) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 7 5/24/2018Thu6:00 PM6:50 PM
21580017::Texas Tornadoes (F2) (Dale) AT Blue Crush (F1) (Wilson) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 1 5/24/2018Thu7:00 PM7:50 PM
21590047::Sparkle and Spike (S2) (Schulze) AT Hurricanes (S3) (Spjut) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 3 5/24/2018Thu7:00 PM7:50 PM
21630049::Raspberry Crush (J5) (Porter) AT Hurricanes (J7) (Heefner) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 5 5/24/2018Thu7:00 PM7:50 PM
21640042::Thunder Strikers (R7) (Logan) AT Shockwaves (R5) (Pedroso) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 7 5/24/2018Thu7:00 PM7:50 PM
21590048::Hurricanes (S3) (Spjut) AT Maroon Crush (S4) (Alvarez) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 3 5/24/2018Thu8:00 PM8:50 PM
21630050::Hurricanes (J7) (Heefner) AT Blue Jays (J6) (Shores) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 5 5/24/2018Thu8:00 PM8:50 PM
21640043::Shockwaves (R5) (Pedroso) AT Wildcats (R8) (Valero) FAST Complex / FAST-Court 7 5/24/2018Thu8:00 PM8:50 PM
21280090:CFSA 7u Dodgers (Kessler) vs CFSA 7u Red Sox (De La Cruz) Queenston Complex / QU5 5/25/2018Fri6:15 PM7:30 PM
21280091:7MS18:Loser #21280090 AT Winner #21280090 Queenston Complex / QU5 5/25/2018Fri7:45 PM9:00 PM